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Welcome to Pigeon Mountain Primary School

Dear Parents and Pigeon Mountain School community. 

We are very close to the half-way point in our 2016 academic year and everyone will shortly be getting a well-deserved rest to recharge their batteries.

Our year has been extremely exciting so far, and the final 2 terms promise even more action!  We have grown significantly since the first day of term—with 44 students joining our learning community!  We have opened 2 new classes with 2 exciting new teachers who add to our expert team.  Our Year 5 & 6 classrooms are looking significantly different since the internal modernisation programme of the last holidays, and the Year 2 area is likely to receive the same treatment at some point this term.

We farewelled our old board of trustees, and have welcomed a new group who recently enjoyed their first meeting,  Our new board have a rich, diverse collection of skills and strengths, and we are looking forward to benefitting from their collective expertise as we move through the next 3 years.

I would personally like to thank all the parents who were nominated in the election—there was an extremely strong field of candidates, all of whom would have been wonderful assets to our school, and it is a shame anyone had to miss out.

We hope you have an enjoyable time during the break, and return for the final half of the year refreshed and renewed.

Ian Dickinson, Principal.

Grandparent's Afternoon- Thursday the 7th July at 1:30pm

Grandparents are invited to share their grandchild's Term 2 learning on this special afternoon. Grandparents please go to the venues below:


Year 1&2 - Classrooms

Year 3&4 - School hall

Year 5&6 - Year 5&6 outdoor deck.






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For Window's phones please follow these instructions

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Pigeon Mountain Primary School would like to thank Phillip Martin for the use of his amazing clipart on our website.