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Welcome to Pigeon Mountain Primary School

Dear Parents and Pigeon Mountain School community. 

There has been some interesting research published recently in NZ Newspapers about the impact of technology on student learning in our schools.  The studies question whether devices in the classroom help learning—or whether they actually hinder it.  There is a school of thought that only after the age of 11 do students make gains in their learning because of tablets, laptops and classroom computers.  They argue that before Year 6, technology can slow achievement down.

Whether you agree with these studies or not, one very important thing is often missing from this debate—the quality of the teacher guiding the learning in the classroom.  In our classrooms at Pigeon Mountain, teachers use common-sense and professional judgement about the use of technology, just as they do with any piece of equipment or apparatus supposed to support children in their learning.  It is important that the technology either accelerates students in their learning, enables collaboration or assists them to share their work with an  audience who can provide constructive feedback.

Despite all the debate around technology in our classrooms, one thing that we all know makes a difference in every situation is a high quality, analytical teacher who is able to develop a responsive learning programme suited to each student in the classroom, and we are very proud of our teachers at Pigeon Mountain for striving to do this.

Ian Dickinson, Principal.

ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS are available to purchase.  The cost os $65 for a book or digital membership and our school receives $13 per book sold.   Click on the link below.

3-way interviews on the 22nd and 23rd June.  Bookings can be made on line at  the school code is ms2xx.







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