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Welcome to Pigeon Mountain Primary School

Dear Parents and Pigeon Mountain School community. 

 One of the four parts of our school strategic plan is the goal that ‘there is a strong culture of partnership and collaboration between stakeholders which enhances learning outcomes.’  In essence with your input and support, your child will enjoy school and achieve more highly.  A wonderful opportunity for our community to have their say in the direction of the school is approaching this term—we are holding our school-wide survey, which takes place each 2 years, and it is important that you provide us with feedback on how we are performing, and where you could help us to improve.

The response tour Board of Trustee elections was wonderful—I am VERY proud to share that we enjoyed a higher number of returned voting papers than all schools in our part of Auckland.  I am a very lucky Principal to have such an engaged community, and I look forward to seeing a similar response to our survey, which will be sent out near the end of Term 3.  Please watch out for this, and take the tine to share your opinions and ideas—they will help us shape the future of our school.

Ian Dickinson, Principal.












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Pigeon Mountain Primary School would like to thank Phillip Martin for the use of his amazing clipart on our website.