Balvinder Kaur
Balvinder KaurRoom 14 Teacher (Year 4)
Lucy BarkerRoom 13 Teacher (Year 5)
Kim Timmins
Kim TimminsTeam Leader and Room 15 Teacher (Year 6)

Team News

From the Team Leader

Welcome to Team Kauri for 2019.  It is great to see so many familiar, smiley faces, as well as some new ones.  It’s going to be a busy year as always and we have made a roaring start. It was fantastic to meet you and have time to chat during our recent ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening and at the ‘Family Picnic’.  These are always a great opportunity to talk and start building those home-school partnerships that are so important for your children.

Year 6 have just come back from camp and wow what an experience it was.  They had an absolute ball and no doubt have many stories to share with you.  Thank you to the parents who offered to come and help, we couldn’t do it without you.  

If you ever have any questions in regards to what is happening in the classroom, feel free to please contact your child’s teacher at anytime.  We are more than happy to meet with you. We are also often looking for help or expertise from our parents. If you have spare time, or an area of expertise that may be of interest to our learning please get in touch.  We love making connections with you.

Kim Timmins

Welcome to our new children

As mentioned it is great to see some new faces in our team this year.  A big Team Kauri welcome to the following new students to our school:

Room 13 – Marissa Qiu, Karen Yan and Lucy Yan

Room 14 – Sofia Dixon, Megan Jacobs, Andy Song and Henry Zhang.

Room 15 – Ali Abbas, Cameron Dixon, Athena Grant and Cherry Lee.

Team News

We have been very fortunate to have the amazing Lucy Barker teaching in Room 13 this term.  She is doing an outstanding job with the students, but unfortunately we always knew that she was only there for a term.  Lucy heads off on another adventure overseas next term and we thank her for all her hard work. On that note we would love to welcome Tineke Oed who will be starting with our team in Room 13.  She is an experienced teacher who has been teaching in Dubai recently. We know the students will also love her. There will be a period of time where they will work together to help bridge any gaps and ensure the smoothest of transitions for your child.


  • We would like to remind you that all students from Year 4-6 should have PE gear with a house t-shirt.  Unfortunately we are having a number of students still turn up without PE gear when it is needed. We do Jump Jam on a Friday morning and they must be in PE gear for that.  Please help ensure that your child has this packed in their bags. Also don’t forget to name it.
  • Hats are also compulsory at present.  Please make sure they have one, that it is named and brought to school every day.  No hat, no play.
  • Term 1 means no long pants and no long shirts.  It is very hot at school and in our classrooms.

Our Learning

Our focus for inquiry this term is around body systems and how they function.

Our Big Idea is:

  • Body systems work together to enable the functioning of the human body.

Our Understanding Goals are:

  • How body systems function and are interconnected
  • Factors that contribute to a healthy body
  • How to take responsibility for physical health and well-being


Dates for the Diary

Three Way Conferences will be happening in the last week of term.  

Presentations from Meet the Teacher Evening

Lucy Meet the teacher 2019 (1)

Room 14 Meet the Teacher 2019 (1)

Kim Meet the Teacher 2019

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