Balvinder Kaur
Balvinder KaurRoom 14 Teacher (Year 4)
Tineke Oed
Tineke OedRoom 13 Teacher (Year 5)
Kim Timmins
Kim TimminsTeam Leader and Room 15 Teacher (Year 6)

Team Kauri Term 2, 2019

From the Team Leader

Term One led to lots of new learning around our body systems and how they are connected.  We all enjoyed getting to discuss your child’s learning with you at our conferences evenings and developing some next steps together.  If you missed our conferences evening or would like another time to discuss your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher to arrange a time that suits.

Alongside this, we also enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day with so many of you.  Thank you so much for taking time out to spend part of your special day with us.  We loved seeing you receive gratitude from your children, but also loved having you participate in Jump Jam on the day.  We got some great videos of the connections made on the day.

If you have any photos or messages from the day, we would love to see them and hear from you.  I have shared some photos for you on this newsletter.

Kind regards

Kim Timmins

Welcome to our new children

A big Team Kauri welcome to the following new students to our school:

Room 13 – Estella Fidow-Birkenhead

Room 14 – Minh Bao Hoang

Room 15 – Laulave Fangupo

Team News

We have had a brilliant start to Term Two with lots of great learning happening.  Our team has a big push with Reading in particular this year with a team goal to help lift student achievement in this area.  Our key areas of focus with Reading are: making inferences (reading between the lines) and being able to find the meanings of unknown words by using the surrounding context.  One thing that we have done to help promote and encourage a love of reading is the HELL Pizza Reading Challenge. You should have received a notice about this earlier this term.  It would be great to see lots of reading happening at home and those challenges being completed and handed in to the classroom teacher. If your child completes a pizza wheel, they will receive a free Child’s Hell Pizza.  Please help encourage this at home by either modelling reading at home, or encouraging them to read before bed. Even better, ask them about what they are reading. If you never received this notice, or would like to know more about it please get in touch.

Cross Country is also looming, and training has well and truly started in Team Kauri.  We are trying to run daily to get our fitness levels up, so we can be competitive on the day, but also make the day as enjoyable as we can for everyone.  Your child should be bringing their PE gear to school every day, along with sneakers if they wish to run in shoes. If your child is sick or injured and can’t run, please send a note in with them so we are aware.Two other big focuses in our Team Kauri classrooms are: goal setting and student agency.  Students have been encouraged to set some realistic goals with some next steps to help them to achieve these.  It would be great for them to see some feedback from you with regards to these. Please ask them about their goals and see if there is any way you can help.  Student agency is about students being the drivers’ of their learning. It’s about giving them choice to look into things of interest to them, as well as choice in tasks, groups etc.  Goal setting and knowing their next steps is part of this, as is the amazing work they are currently doing coming up with an engaging assembly for you. We have handed control to the Team Kauri students for the school assembly and we can’t wait to see what they come up with and for them to share their learning with you.  Please put aside the afternoon of Friday 14th of June for this.

There are a lot of sports and other opportunities happening in school for your child.  Please remind them to listen out to the the TV News and get themselves involved.


  • We would like to remind you that all students from Year 4-6 should have PE gear with a house t-shirt.  Unfortunately we are having a number of students still turn up without PE gear when it is needed. We do Jump Jam on a Friday morning and as mentioned above are busy training for Cross Country.  Please help ensure that your child has this packed in their bags. Also don’t forget to name it.
  • If children wish to be running in shoes, they must be bringing sneakers please.  School shoes aren’t appropriate footwear for running.
  • Now that we are in the cooler months, don’t forget that you are now able to purchase long pants as part of the uniform.  We also have a jacket and polar fleeces available to help keep the cool wind and rain out.
  • Although it is tempting to let children wear beanies, scarves etc to school, it is important that students take these off during the school day.  We do have heaters in the classroom to help keep them warm.

Inquiry Learning

Our focus for inquiry this term is around the key concepts of sustainability, transformation and cause and effect.

Our Big Idea is:

  • Impact of changing materials on our lives

Our Understanding Goals are:

  • Renewable and non-renewable resources
  • Materials and how they are transformed (reversible and irreversible changes)
  • The positive and negative impacts of material changes (society and the environment)

Dates for the Diary

Team Kauri School Assembly – Friday 14th June

Year 4-6 Reports sent home – Monday 24th June

School Cross Country – Wednesday 26th June

Saving (back up) Day for School Cross Country – Friday 28th June

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