Jenni Slater
Jenni SlaterTeam Leader and Room 6 Teacher (Year 3)
Brittany Morron
Brittany MorronRoom 7 Teacher (Year 2)
Amanda Lee
Amanda LeeRoom 8 Teacher (Year 1)

Team News

Welcome to all the new students who have joined team Manuka this term.  We hope we have made you feel welcome and you have had a great start to your time at Pigeon Mountain.

This term we have continued to get together for some mindfulness activities, these are great to give us some strategies of how to stay calm when things seem stressful or overwhelming.  

Your child may have told you about the Pizza Challenge they are participating in at school.  Manuka has chosen to include these activities in our weekly reading programme and the kids are really enjoying it!

Our Learning

Our inquiry this term has been all around the theme of “change”.  We are specifically looking at changes in nature. We have been learning about changes such as how night and day works, how seasons change and how the water cycle works.  We have been lucky enough to have a visitor from Watercare who came to visit each Manuka class to explain how this cycle works through some fun interactive experiences. Check out the photos!

Dates for the Diary 

Term 3 – August 8th – Trip to Howick Historical Village

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