From the Team Leader 

It is hard to believe that we are heading into term 4 already!  Soon we will be getting ready for the end of year celebrations and saying goodbye to all  the students in Rooms 16 and 18.  

Term 3 was one of the busiest we have ever had.  For all our students, it was a term all about writing, presenting and performing.   All students in Team Kahikatea participated in speech writing and presenting this term.  We had amazing results:-

Year 4 (room 19) – 1st Diya Guan with Screen time, 2nd Rohan Prasad with Detector dogs

Year 5 (room 17) – 1st Gladness Saumani with Cyber bullying, 2nd Ahrathi Mathan with Pollution

Year 6 (room 16 and 18) – 1st Finn Wai-Poi with the topic I am a Failure, 3rd= Georgia Priestley with Camping, the fun and not so fun!

Finn then went on to represent the school in the Eastern Zone Speech Finals and came 1st Place.  Well done Finn!

Also, during term 3 our year 6 students performed at the annual Koanga Festival at Howick College.  The group had an amazing performance. It was wonderful to see many of our parents were there supporting the students.  A huge thanks to Miss Jordan Broomfield who supported our Kapa Haka group while on holiday from her new home in England.

We topped off the term by celebrating Maori Language Week and Book Week.  Book week concluded with a spectacular book character parade and it was great to see so many students (and teachers) get involved by wearing and making amazing costumes.  

Finally, a big thank you to all the students and their families for making term 3 such a successful and fun term and I am looking forward to the next term and all the great learning that is still to happen!

Marie Wai-Poi

Team Leader

Our Learning


Term 3’s big inquiry was around the concept of migration.   

Our understanding Goals were:

  • Reasons why people migrate 
  • Effects of migration on communities, culture and individuals
  • Migration journeys 

To help understand these key understandings we first looked at the difference between early migration  and modern migration. This understanding we helped with a visit to the Auckland War Memorial Museum, where students were able to see replicas of ships and equipment used for early navigation.  Students also investigated the push and pull factors of migration and the different reasons why people migrate.  

Digital Media 

Term 4’s inquiry is around the influence of digital media

Big Idea: Media is designed to communicate a message and influence a response. 

Understanding Goals

Inquiry into:

  • The design elements of static and moving images 
  • How messages are conveyed 
  • How we interpret and respond to images

Dates for the Diary (date relevant to your team)

There are a lot of events on this term, please check the calendar on the school website for dates and times.

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