Balvinder Kaur
Balvinder KaurRoom 14 Teacher (Year 4)
Tineke Oed
Tineke OedRoom 13 Teacher (Year 5)
Kim Timmins
Kim TimminsTeam Leader and Room 15 Teacher (Year 6)

Team Kauri Term 3 & 4

From the Team Leader 

Term 3 was a busy learning team, with students gaining an understanding of systems, why we have rules and laws and who makes the decisions about these.

Book Week was also a huge success with lots of amazing book purchases made by students and some outstanding Book Character costumes for our Book Character Parade.  Teachers thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to read to other classes in the school and it’s fair to say we also thoroughly enjoyed the quiet moments in class where we dropped everything to read! Term 3 was also that time of year for students to share their learning with you through our 3-way conferences. As always, we were blown away by how well our students could articulate their learning and how enthusiastic you (as parents) all were listening to us and engaging with us about your child. If you missed our conferences evening or would like another time to discuss your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher to arrange a time that suits. 

During Term 3, we also enjoyed celebrating Father’s Day (our special blokes breakfast) with so many of you.  Thank you so much for taking time out to spend part of your special day with us. It was such a fantastic opportunity for our Year 6 students to practise leading up to the Koanga Festival.  We hope you enjoyed listening to them and as a Year 6 teacher can I just say they really blew it out of the water on the actual day. If you haven’t seen a video of them performing at the Koanga Festival and you would like to, I know there is one on our Facebook page, but alternatively I uploaded it into our Kapa Haka folder that the Year 6 students have access to. 

We also listened to some outstanding speeches in Team Kauri during Term 3 and had two successful school finals held for Year 3-4 and Years 5-6. Our school finalist even placed first at the Inter school competition – WOW! It was also great to see so many students participating in the ICAS exams.

Thank you again for all your support during the term and helping students with speeches.  We really appreciate the way you engage with us and the school.

Kind regards

Kim Timmins

Welcome to our new children

A big Team Kauri welcome to the following new students to our school:

Room 13 – Justin Wang

Room 14 – Amanda Ventura

Team News

Term 4 is going to be a busy term with it being the last one for the year.  We will be starting to prepare and train for our school Athletics Day, which will be coming up in Week 4.  With this in mind, please make sure your child has their PE gear at school every day, including sneakers if they wish.  If they do not have sneakers, they will participate in bare feet, not school shoes and socks. If for any reason your student is too sick or injured to join in, please make sure an up to date note is sent in for the classroom teacher.

It is also testing time!  Students will be sitting a number of tests for them to be able to see if they have reached their goals and to check the progress they have made in their learning this year.  This will also help identify areas that still need to be worked on. You can help your child by providing them with a good breakfast to keep them switched on for the day. Also ask them about their learning, and check how they are tracking towards their goals.  Are they reading at home and doing basic facts? Our Year 4-6 reports will go home towards the end of the term at the start of Week 9.

There will be a number of other things happening too, such as our Christmas Carols evening, Year 6 trip, Parent Helpers Morning Tea, Prize giving and our Team Kauri Assembly.  At this stage our assembly will be in Week 9 on Friday 13th December (ominous). Please keep track of upcoming events through our school calendar and newsletters.

We look forward to celebrating the last term with you and gearing up to say goodbye to our wonderful Year 6 students.


  • We would like to remind you that all students from Year 4-6 should have PE gear with a house t-shirt.  Unfortunately we are having a number of students still turn up without PE gear when it is needed. We do Jump Jam on a Friday morning and as mentioned above will be busy training for Athletics.  Please help ensure that your child has this packed in their bags. Also don’t forget to name it.
  • If children wish to be running in shoes, they must be bringing sneakers please.  School shoes aren’t appropriate footwear for running.
  • Now that we are heading into the warmer months, it means short sleeves and shorts.  Long sleeve tops and long pants can be put away for next year now please.
  • Hats are compulsory during Term 4.
  • A reminder that earrings should also be plain studs, not sleepers (hoops) or anything hanging from the ears for safety please.

Inquiry Learning (you can help!)

Our focus for inquiry this term is around the key concepts of image, identity, trend, expression and perspective.

Our Big Idea is: 

  • Behaviour or appearance depicts aspects of identity

Our Understanding Goals are:

  • How fashion and trend is a form of expression
  • How association of cultural and social norms connect to self-expression
  • How people’s appearance influences your perception of them

If there are any parents out there with expertise in fashion or trends please let us know.  We would love to have some experts come in and help or share what they do with us. It could be anything from being involved with Media, Music, Dance, Fashion, Publishing, Art etc.

Dates for the Diary

Team Kauri School Assembly – Friday 13th December (may change)

Year 4-6 Reports sent home – Monday 9th December

School Athletics – Wednesday 6th November with saving day Thursday 7th.

Year 4-6 Prize giving – Monday 9th December


There are many other dates, but your best way of keeping track of that is through our school Facebook page, our website and the school calendar or our school newsletters.

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