Deb Crowley
Deb CrowleyTeam Leader and Room 10 Teacher (Year 3)
Annemarie Webber
Annemarie WebberRoom 11 Teacher (Year 2 and 3)
Sara Tsang
Sara TsangRoom 12 Teacher (Year 2)
Alicia Doughty
Alicia DoughtyRoom 9 Teacher (Year 1)

Pohutukawa Team Newsletter Term 3 & 4.

From the Pohutukawa Team Leader

Welcome to Term 4. We are all very excited and eager, particularly looking forward to our Pohutukawa Trip to the Auckland Zoo on November 1st!

Our inquiry approach to learning alongside “student agency” means every day in 2019 has been a new adventure. We are so curious and fascinated by the world around us and so our inquiry investigating animal habitats will be amazing!

This  is an opportunity to investigate animals we are fascinated by and enables us to enjoy working collaboratively. We will also love to have our parents to support us and talk about our discoveries on this trip.

We will notify you about  athletics and our Pohutukawa Christmas party so that you can come and enjoy this with us.

Thank you for your continued support alongside our team educating your child.

Deb Crowley.

Team Leader

Team News:

We thoroughly enjoyed showcasing our learning for you at the Pohutukawa Term 3 assembly. Thank you once again for the continued support from parents in our classroom. Please let us know if you have some spare time as we greatly appreciate your help!

Our Learning:

Pohutukawa Team’s Inquiry for Term 4 is: “How living things adapt to changes in their habitats in order to survive.”

Room 9

We are excited to explore and learn about animals and habitats this term. We look forward to visiting the zoo to inquire more and see real life animals in their desired habitats. We continue with BBI Buddy Reading on a Monday. Home readers will resume as normal and reading eggs is a great way to instil reading knowledge at home via technology. For art, we will be creating habitat dioramas using a shoe box. We will be learning to write information reports and narratives. We are keen to show off our skills and running at athletics day this term. I am encouraging children to take responsibility for their learning, becoming more independent as they transition into year two. We can’t wait to finish the year with our traditional Pohutukawa Christmas Party.   

Room 10

Term 3 has been a fabulous term despite sickness. We totally enjoyed our swimming lessons at Lloyd Ellesmore. Dance was our inquiry and we proudly presented our learning at the Pohutukawa Assembly. Our learning developed as we branched out further into digital technologies using robots and learning coding. Our use of BYOD devices has been extremely successful this year and motivational for our students in Room 10. We presented fabulous speeches for the first time and were so successful, with Hannah earning second place and Rina third place. We developed our artistic talents and have displayed them proudly in our classroom. Literacy accelerated with fantastic writing, the introduction of EPIC became an option for reading and Mathletics has been a great support for mathematics.

Below is a video clip of our learning:

Term 4 promises to be a phenomenal end to 2019 as we prepare for Year 4! We hope that you can participate too, by joining your child at Auckland Zoo and enjoying athletics and our Pohutukawa Christmas Party.

Room 11

We are keen to learn how animals adapt to live in different environments and how they can change their behaviour to adapt to their situations. We will be visiting the zoo on the first of November and will be learning about animals of South America. Room 11 students are encouraged to do Seesaw,  Matheletics and Epic at home. Please support your child with this.

Readers will be sent home everyday, please listen to your child and ask him/her questions on the texts. In writing we will do report and persuasive writing. 

Room 12

As we countdown the days towards next year and Year 3, we are preparing ourselves to be more responsible about our learning and behaviours. For reading, they will be taking mainly Junior Journals home. Please ensure your child is not rushing through the pages but slowly extracting information and vocabulary from each story. We are very excited to be inquiring into animals, adaptation and habitats this term. Please continue to support and encourage your child to do Mathletics, Google docs and slides at home.  

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