Dear Pigeon Mountain Community

Many thanks for making the first day of 2020 such an enjoyable experience!

We have enjoyed welcoming a huge number of new students, and a group of new teachers, and the classrooms have been places of enjoyment and happiness!

Thank you too for the community response with regards the current virus situation. We have been educating children on effective hygiene practices, and our classrooms are well stocked with soap and sanitiser. Whilst the situation is no doubt worrying to parents, it is with great responsibility that we have been preparing for the safe and healthy return of the students, and we are lucky there has been such a calm atmosphere in and around our community. We have received a wonderful level of cooperation from families who have travelled overseas in the holidays, and the steps some families are taking to keep their families, and the community well.

However, we have had to deal with some rumours being spread through social media, causing worry to some of our school community. These have been investigated and are untrue. At a potentially stressful time as this, we rely on everyone’s cooperation to ensure all of our wellbeing and a healthy school environment. 

If you have a concern or you are unsure of anything, please follow school procedures and contact your child’s classroom teacher, team leader or a member of the school management.

For stand-down from school periods and actions in the event of illness, these can be found on our school website or Ministry of Health site.

Many thanks.

Ian Dickinson

[email protected]








Ian Dickinson

[email protected]

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