Kauri T2 Team Newsletter 2020

From the Team Leader 

Wow our year so far has certainly taken a different path than expected.  But what an amazing path it has been.  We have all been so impressed with how engaged our students were during their online/remote learning and it just wouldn’t have been possible without you.  Thank you so much for all your support and help at home.  We thoroughly enjoyed our regular Google Meets with our classes and their consistency with turning up for them.  The level and quality of work produced was outstanding and it has definitely helped with the transition back into the classroom.  

Here is an exciting and interesting fact:

85% of all Team Kauri students have been back and enjoying school after lockdown in the first week.

That makes us really happy and we have absolutely loved seeing all their smiling faces back in front of us.  It is great to get stuck back into our in class learning and to revisit our values and continue focusing on the overall wellbeing of our students.

What a big learning curve for us as teachers too.  I have become quite the digital technology expert during this term, as have all the other teachers in this team.  Speaking of which, I would like to make a special mention to the teachers in Team Kauri.  As a team leader, I couldn’t be more proud of them.  The time, effort and commitment they have shown during this time has been second to none!  We are certainly blessed with our staff and our community at Pigeon Mountain Primary School.

Thanks again

Kim Timmins

Team Kauri 2020

Rm 13 Year 5 Miss Tineke Oed: tinekeo@pmps.school.nz

Rm 14 Year 4 Mrs Balvinder Kaur:  balvinderk@pmps.school.nz

Rm 15 Year 4 Miss Brittany Morron:  brittanym@pmps.school.nz

Rm 16 Year 6 Miss Kim Timmins (Team Leader): kimt@pmps.school.nz

Coming onto the school grounds during the school day

Thank you for being so considerate with dropping and picking your children up from school.  We know it is hard not to come onto school grounds, but it has been great seeing our students take such responsibility with getting in and out of school on their own.  Don’t forget that if you are coming in, you will be required to sign in.  The entry points are Wells Road, Loloma Drive and the entry up from the BBI walkway.

Team News

How you can help 

Although we are limited for ways you can help currently, there are still ways

  • Inquiry – Our unit is around discovery and exploration this term.  If you have any expertise in this area please let us know.  We would be keen for you to share your stories if there are any.  We could look at doing a Google Meet with you or you could video yourself and share it with us.
  • Continue to focus on our school values at home and encourage them to share how they are using them.
  • Read with your children regularly and ask them about their day and their learning.
  • Stay connected with us, we have loved hearing from you.


Please ensure that children are bringing their own stationery into school and that they all have necessary equipment e.g. red pens, pencils, blue pens, paper, books and ruler.  If they have their own device and have signed the BYOD agreement, encourage them to bring these in daily too.


  • We would like to remind you that all students from Year 4-6 should have PE gear with a house t-shirt.  This should be being brought to school every day.
  • We no longer need hats, but they are now allowed to wear their long pants and long shirts if they wish.
  • Make sure all items are clearly named – we always end up with way too many lost items due to having no name on them.  
  • Shoes and socks rather than sandals will help keep them warmer in these cooler months too.

Our Learning

Our focus for our inquiry for the rest of the term is now going to be the following:

Our Big Idea is: 

  • The motivation to explore leads to new discoveries

Our Understanding Goals are:

  • What motivates exploration
  • Consequences of exploration
  • Exploration leads to new understandings

Dates for the Diary 

Unfortunately there is not much to put in the diary at this stage.  Currently all sport events and teams are no longer happening in Term 2 and a decision will be made around Term 3 at a later date.  This also means that there will be no cross country at this stage.  Discussions are currently underway around assessment for the students, reporting and conferences.

Kauri Team Whakatauki

Me mahi tahi tātou mō te oranga o te katoa

We should work together for the wellbeing of everyone



Room 14 students are happy tp be back at school.

Happy Room 13 students

Room 16 students are excited to be back at school.

Room 15 students are happy to be back at school.



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