Manuka Team Newsletter – Term 2

Hi Team Manuka and welcome back to term two in the classrooms again.  It is great to see everyone back in the classrooms looking happy and ready to learn. This term we are doing an inquiry into “how products go through a process of change for different purposes.”  For example, why do we put food in tins?  How and why do we preserve foods?  What other changes do we make to our foods and why?  If you think you can help us with this please feel free to email your child’s teacher.  

There has been some fantastic digital learning going on over the last few weeks of home learning.  It has been great to see all the children learn some new skills at home, hopefully we can keep some of these going in the classroom too.

The team has had a great start back in the classrooms and we are looking forward to settling into our classroom routines again over the rest of the term.  If you need to contact your child’s teacher, please do so by email during the current alert level.



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