Pohutukawa Team Newsletter- Term 1

Our first week back after lockdown has been amazing! Over 80% of our students in the Pohutukawa Team have been in school, reconnecting with classmates and teachers, and loving being able to learn alongside one another! 

Thank you to the parents who have been supporting their children by getting them to school each day- it is great to see the pace with which the children have adjusted to life back at school! We’re looking forward to seeing how this term will go. 

Thank you to those parents who are reinforcing our value of responsibility in the morning and afternoons during drop off and pick up. It is great to see so many of our students walking to and from school on their own or with an older sibling. So responsible – it’s amazing!


Thank you for all your effort and enthusiasm that went towards online learning. Pohutukawa teachers are grateful for your input and support during this challenging time. In Pohutukawa this term we are exploring two big ideas for inquiry.

Big Idea 1:

All living things go through a cycle of change

Concepts :

  • cycle 
  • change
  • growth
  • time 

Understanding Goals:

Students will understand-

  • Patterns of growth
  • How living things change
  • Conditions that influence life cycles 

Big Idea 2 :

Interpretation of artefacts contributes to our understanding of personal history

Concepts :

  • evidence 
  • connection 
  • community 
  • history

Understanding Goals:

Students will understand-

  • Why people analyse artefacts
  • The significance of artefacts and connection to the past
  • How evidence of the past tells us about the community

In maths we are focusing on number and algebra. The focus for art this term is visual art. The students will continue to attend physical education and music specialist lessons each fortnight. Please remind your child to bring their library books to school everyday in order to ensure their books are ready to be returned.  


Terms 2 and 3 are cooler terms, so students should wear long pants, long sleeve tops and polar fleece jumpers. Rain jackets are allowed at school for outside wear only. Please be aware hats are not necessary in term 2 and 3 and can stay home ready for Term 4. Hair accessories are to match school colours and please keep big beautiful clips and bows for after school and weekends. 

Pohutukawa Team

Room 10 Year 1 Alicia Doughty (Team Leader) aliciad@pmps.school.nz

Room 11 Year 3 Annamarie Webber annamariew@pmps.school.nz 

Room 12 Year 2 Sara Tsang sarat@pmps.school.nz  

How you can help

  • Reinforce our school values at home; Responsibility, Resilience, Respect and Excellence
  • Please continue to read with your child each night
  • Encourage students to do online activities such as Reading Eggs, Bug Club and Mathletics.
  • Reinforce and model good hygiene routines 
  • Share your expertise with us with our inquiry topics 

Points to remember

  • Please call the office if you need to come to school during the day
  • If your child is sick (a lot or a little) please keep them home. We don’t want to spread germs!
  • If you need to discuss a matter with us, please contact us through our communication channels 

Here are some fun photos of students in the Pohutukawa Team engaging in learning activities. 


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