From the Team Leader :

Welcome to the start of a new year. We are all very excited and eager to learn new tasks and skills. Please come into our classrooms and see our learning when you have a moment. We would all love to share our learning with you.  Welcome to all the new students who have come to join us.

It was great to see so many Puriri team families at the school picnic. 

Remember if you have any concerns or questions regarding your child’s learning and time at school please contact their teacher at any time.

Sheryl Farmer

Team News

Our Learning

Our Inquiry theme for this term is about Discovery. 

Discovering new things about each other that we didn’t know, finding out how similar we are to each other and learning how we fit into our school world and the bigger world outside our classroom. 

We will also be exploring Dance as a way of expressing ourselves.

Welcome to our new children:

We have some new children joining our team. Welcome, we are delighted that you have joined us.

Room 2 : Eric Min, Keanu Wilson

Room 3 :  Abbie Liu


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