Titoki Team Newsletter – Term 1

Team Titioki – Ko Te Mutunga Oranga, he timatatanga Kaha ~ Winning starts with beginning!

From the Team Leader, Sarah Tallack 

What a start we have had this term! Thank you to all the families and students for coping and adapting between online and in-class learning this term, we are so proud of the resilience you have shown. This year, we welcome Miss Alex Donaldson and Miss Maria Hallis to our team. You may recognise Miss Donaldson from around school, she has moved from team Kahikitea and Miss Hallis joins us from BBI. This term, we have focused on our school PB4L values: respect, responsibility, excellence and resilience and how to demonstrate these with our behaviour and learning choices. If you ever have any questions in regards to what is happening in the classroom, feel free to please contact your child’s teacher.  We are also often looking for help or expertise from our parents. If you have spare time, or an area of expertise that may be of interest to our learning please get in touch.  We love making connections with you.

Team Leader: Sarah Tallack – Rm 18 – Year 4 saraht@pmps.school.nz

Kevin Wroth – Rm 19 – Year 6 kevinw@pmps.school.nz

Alex Donaldson – Rm 17 – Year 4/5 alexd@pmps.school.nz

Maria Hallis – Rm 22 – Year 5 mariah@pmps.school.nz


Coming onto the school grounds during the school day

Due to health and safety laws and in the interests of student safety: All parents, caregivers and school visitors must sign in at the school office before proceeding to their child’s classroom. This includes things like dropping in a child’s lunch if it has been forgotten, picking them up for appointments or wanting to visit the teacher. Thank you so much for your cooperation and support with this.

Our Learning

  • Room 17: We have had a term packed full of learning despite the disruptions. In reading we have been focusing on inferencing and understanding different types of figurative language. While in writing we have been focusing on adding detail to our stories by using synonyms, senses and figurative language. Using partitioning and place value strategies has been our focus in mathematics. Finally in inquiry we have discovered the importance of dealing with our emotions in an appropriate way. 
  • Room 18: We started the year learning about ‘growth mindset’ and a little about how our brains work, this has helped us with the school value of resilience.  In our writing, we have looked at different word types, including adverbs and adverbial phrases, to improve our creative writing – look out for some amazing writing soon! During our inquiry time, we have thought about our own identity and how we express ourselves, producing some beautiful self-portraits. Also, we have learnt all about ‘community’, the different ones we belong to and how to have positive relationships within our school community.  For our maths learning, we have revised and learnt number strategies ready for success in Year 4 and beyond! Lastly, in sport we have been practicing bat and ball skills and playing non-stop rounders.


  • Room 19: The Year 6’s have been very involved with camp and preparation for the camp in the last few week’s but we did do some other things in class. For Maths our focus has been on Statistics and we gathered data from counting M and M colours in a sample and then doing some manipulation of data and presenting our findings on graphs. They also did All About Me Maths posters for a class display. To personalise the class the students did 3D name plaques. For Writing we began the year by writing letters to ourself and we will revisit these towards the end of the year to see whether our expectations had been met. So far a hectic term with all the breaks during lockdowns.
  • Room 22: Students in Room 22 have been enthusiastically using journals to practise our reading comprehension strategies. In writing, we are learning to use bullet point brainstorms and The 4-Sentence Introduction when writing a persuasive text. In maths, we are building our number knowledge and numeracy strategies, with a specific focus on addition, subtraction and problem solving. In inquiry students have been exploring ways to build positive relationships through effective communication and constructive interactions. In sport, we’ve enjoyed a focus on summer sport through cricket. We’ve also created some fantastic thinking portraits for visual art! 

Term 2 Inquiry 

Big Idea:

The design of buildings and structures is dependent on environmental factors, human ingenuity and availability of materials

Understanding Goals: 

Consideration to take into account when building a structure

The impact of the changing nature of geographical location

Local architecture and how it is designed in response to needs

We are hoping to confirm a Team visit in Term 2 – TBC 

If you can bring any expertise to this unit of inquiry, please let us know!

Home Learning

Reading with your child for 20-30 minutes per day, asking questions about what they have read, to check their understanding.  

Practising recall of basic maths facts, such as multiplication tables, number bonds, telling the time, etc., for 15-20 minutes per day. 

In Year 4, 5 & 6, students are expected to spend 20 minutes per day on Basic Facts Ludi. The school no longer are subscribed to Mathletics. 

There will be no prescribed weekly homework/home learning because it is not compulsory at our school.

However, home learning to support in-class learning will be requested from time to time and may take the form of projects, research or further inquiry. It will be open ended and allow for extended study for those who have time.

We take a common sense approach to home learning.


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