Kauri T1 Team Newsletter 2021

From the Team Leader 

Welcome to team Kauri 2021.  We have had a bit of an unusual start to the year with a couple of lockdowns to practice our online teaching ability and the resilience of the students.  It is great to see that we have come through the other side with flying colours.  I am grateful to say that we have a great team of teachers returning to Team Kauri with Mrs Kaur teaching Year 4 in room 14, Miss Oed teaching Year 5 in room 13 and myself (Miss Timmins) teaching Year 6 in room 16.  We also have the pleasure of adding the experienced Mrs Daniels to our team.  She is teaching Year 5 in room 15.  Mrs Daniels previously taught at Wakaaranga for 5 years, before teaching in Singapore for 3 years and is excited to be part of the Pigeon Mountain family.  She has a passion for helping students reach their full potential and enjoys including some drama, mindfulness and inquiry based learning into her programme.  We are all excited about getting stuck into some valuable learning experiences and including you where we can.

We have a huge focus on student wellbeing this year and that is also integrated through our school PB4L values of Resilience, Respect, Responsibility and Excellence.  It is important to us that we are not just teaching academics in our classrooms, but also teaching students skills and attributes that will help them face whatever the world has in store for them.  We have recently finished looking at our first inquiry which was focused on identity.  This made students think about what values and beliefs are important to them and an opportunity to share that with others.  This gave all the teachers great insight into students’ backgrounds and how we can continue to encourage our diversity.  Year 6 has also just come back from our camp and what an amazing time we had.  It is such a pleasure to see students develop, grow and overcome challenges during their week at Lakewood Lodge.  No doubt something the other classes will be looking forward to in the future.

We are now launching into a unit of inquiry around Energy.  This will include looking at renewable and non-renewable energy as well as sustainability.  If you have any expertise in this field, we would love to hear from you.  If you ever have any questions in regards to what is happening in the classroom, please feel to contact your child’s teacher at any time.  We are more than happy to meet with you.  We love making connections with you and if you can ever offer assistance in the class or have knowledge in an area of learning you can share, we would enjoy having you in.

Team Kauri 2021

Rm 13 Year 5 Miss Tineke Oed: tinekeo@pmps.school.nz

Rm 14 Year 4 Mrs Balvinder Kaur:  balvinderk@pmps.school.nz

Rm 15 Year 4 Mrs Nicky Daniels:  nickyd@pmps.school.nz

Rm 16 Year 6 Miss Kim Timmins (Team Leader): meganh@pmps.school.nz

Coming onto the school grounds during the school day

Due to health and safety laws and in the interests of student safety: All parents, caregivers and school visitors must sign in at the school office before proceeding to their child’s classroom.  This includes things like dropping in a child’s lunch if it has been forgotten, picking them up for appointments or wanting to visit the teacher.  Thank you so much for your cooperation and support with this. 

Team News

How you can help: 

  • Volunteer to be a parent helper on trips (Fingers crossed we will get one in this year)
  • Talk about the school values at home. Notice when your child does something that exemplifies a school value and tell them. E.g “When you did that….you were being resilient”.
  • Volunteer to read with a group
  • Help with preparing art materials
  • Share your expertise with us for inquiry


  • We would like to remind you that all students from Year 4-6 should have PE gear with a house t-shirt.  Unfortunately we are having a number of students still turn up without PE gear when it is needed.  We do Jump Jam on a Friday morning and they must be in PE gear for that.  Please help ensure that your child has this packed in their bags.  Also don’t forget to name it.
  • Hats are also compulsory at present.  Please make sure they have one, that it is named and brought to school every day.  No hat, no play.
  • Term 1 means no long pants or jackets.  It is very hot at school and in our classrooms.
  • In case you haven’t noticed previously in the above bullet points, please make sure all items are clearly named – we always end up with way too many lost items due to having no name on them.  

Our Learning

Our focus for our current unit of inquiry is energy.

Our Big Idea is: 

  • Energy may be converted, transformed and used to support human progress

Our Understanding Goals are:

  • Renewable and non-renewable energy sources
  • How energy is transformed
  • How we use technology to find solutions to access energy sources
  • Sustainable energy practices

Our focus for our third inquiry (which will start later in Term 2) is around migration.

Again, please let us know if you have any areas of expertise for these units.  

Dates for the Diary 

Student-led conferences

These are currently scheduled for the last week of Term 1.  The dates and times scheduled at present are:

Wednesday 14th April 1pm – 8pm

Thursday 15th April 3.30pm – 6pm

More information will come closer to the time.

Kauri Team Whakatauki

Me mahi tahi tātou mō te oranga o te katoa

We should work together for the wellbeing of everyone


Below is a current photo of the teachers in our team and a picture of the students from the start of the year forming the letter K for Kauri.


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