Pohutukawa Newsletter 

From the Team Leader 

Kia ora Parents and Caregivers, we can’t believe it is half way through the year. Team Pohutukawa have been super busy the past two terms doing some amazing learning. We would like to give a special warm welcome to our new families joining us for the first time this year.  We will continue to integrate, live and learn through our school values (Excellence, Respect, Resilience and Responsibility). Please encourage these values at home and within the community too. Please share with your child’s teacher examples of how the values are shown at home. This could be through a photo, video or a message. We would love to showcase this at our Team Pohutukawa Assembly and furthermore, PB4L assembly on Monday mornings.

Team News


Room 10 Year 1 Alicia Doughty (Team Leader) [email protected]

Room 11 Year 3 Annamarie Webber [email protected] 

Room 12 Year 2 Sara Tsang [email protected]  

Library Times 

Room 10 – Thursday 

Room 11 – Wednesday

Room 12 – Thursday

How you can help

  • In the morning you can help by sharpening pencils 
  • We would love to teach a group of parents from each class to sort and put home readers away to the school recourse book rooms
  • If you have knowledge or expertise associated with our learning please let us know, we would love to find out more. 
  • In the mornings feel free to read to children or join in during morning activities 
  • Sometimes teachers might need help with cutting or sorting resources, if you’re available we would love some assistance

Our Learning

For inquiry this term we have been looking into “Products and properties of materials go through a process of change for different purposes”. Our objectives have been:

  • That products have an origin
  • How products can be changed for a particular purpose
  • Distribution of products
  • properties can be physically altered through chemical change

For this unit of inquiry we have looked into the origin of fruit and vegetables, water cycle, Maori food traditions and customs and chemical changes in food.  The students particularly enjoyed making food products like yoghurt and butter and eating it afterwards. 

The big idea for Term 3 is “The Earth’s natural cycles influence the activity of living things”. For this inquiry we are excited to share with you that Team Pohutukawa will be going on a trip to support this unit of learning. Our key objectives are:

  • Understand natural life cycles
  • Patterns of behaviour in living things connected to Earth’s natural cycles
  • The actions people take in response to Earth’s natural cycles


We always appreciate and value your support and contributions in any way, shape or form. Thanks for being outstanding for the students and teachers!


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