Triennial elections for our new Board of Trustees take place in 2019.

In May nominations will be called to become members of the Board of Trustees. Key dates are as follows:

By Friday 10th May; Nomination forms will be posted to all persons on the school’s caregiver roll.

Friday 24th May; NOMINATIONS CLOSE – 24th May at noon. An election will then be held if the number of nominations exceed vacancies. For our school the number of parent vacancies is 6.

Wednesday 29th May; Voting papers will be sent by post to all on the school caregiver roll.

Friday 7th June; Voting closes at 12 noon.

Thursday 13th June; Votes are counted, and your School advised of the results.

Friday 14th June; New Board takes office

Instructions on how to submit your nomination in the Trustee election can be found on the document below;

parent guide to submitting your nominations