Kauri Team Newsletter Term 2

Team Kauri Term 2, 2019 From the Team Leader Term One led to lots of new learning around our body systems and how they are connected.  We all enjoyed [...]

By |6th June 2019|Kauri Team Newsletters|

Kauri Team Newsletter

Team News From the Team Leader Welcome to Team Kauri for 2019.  It is great to see so many familiar, smiley faces, as well as some new ones. [...]

By |19th March 2019|Kauri Team Newsletters|

Term 3 Newsletter

Kauri Team Newsletter Term 3 2017  Welcome back to term 3!  We hope that you had an enjoyable holiday with your family and friends.  This is going to be an exciting and busy term.  Welcome [...]

By |6th August 2017|Kauri Team Newsletters, School Newsletters|
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