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PTA Mufti Day 7th December

Students to dress up in Christmas theme or wear something Christmassy.
Dear Parents,
This is the final post for the 2017 academic year and it is worth reflecting on a wonderful year! In the past 12 months, we have seen a number of significant events and changes in our school and we can feel very proud that we are heading into 2018 in such good shape!
The year started with our new whanau teams establishing their expectations and building their own unique cultures. The shadesails so generously donated by the PTA were installed in mid-February, bringing vivid green and blue to our playground. Painters arrived shortly afterwards and began transforming the buildings with a new colour scheme. During this time, Focus Construction descended, fences appeared and we began the slow process of modernising areas C and D. This period was challenging for both students and teachers alike, since classes needed to operate in the Library and Music room and movement around school was restricted owing to the building site which had popped up. Two new learning spaces appeared towards the end of Term 2, and they sprang into life as rooms 23 and 24 at the start of Term 3. ERO made a fleeting visit at the start of Term 4 and it was not long after saying goodbye to the reviewers, that the fences disappeared and normality resumed at the end of the building work.
There have been a number of major transformations taking place at PMPS during 2017 and we are grateful for everyone who has maintained a sense of calm and flexibility during the changes! Here’s to another exciting year in 2018!
Ian Dickinson
Ian Dickinson

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