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We are a large Decile 8 contributing State Primary School catering for students from Year 0 to Year 6
It is very exciting to see fences and cordons erected on our school site, and have contractors’ vehicles using their temporary car park on the basketball court! At long last, we are underway with the classroom modernisations we were discussing when I became Principal at the start of 2015! We face around 3 and a half months of slightly disrupted service, but what will emerge at the end of the project will be worth the wait- we thank you in advance for your patience during the alterations.

One of the hardest jobs in preparing for the construction work has been ensuring the safety of our site and wellbeing of everyone who uses it. New Health and Safety in the Workplace legislation was introduced last year, and there have been major implications for schools. Health and Safety is an agenda item at all school meetings, and we have a committee who meet monthly to address Health and Safety items and self-review. We also maintain (and continuously address) a list of maintenance items that help eliminate potential hazards, and each member of staff now has engagement in Health and Safety matters as part of their job description. In turn, we ask for help from you – our community. Please never hesitate to share with us any concerns or potential dangers you see on our site, and also please understand that when we ask you to sign in at the office when you visit, or to not park in the staff car park, we ask with the safety and well-being of our students and workers in mind.
Ian Dickinson

Ian Dickinson

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