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We are a large Decile 8 contributing State Primary School catering for students from Year 0 to Year 6

Parent Reading Workshop

November 16th at 2pm
Dear Parents.
We are rapidly approaching the end of another very busy year- time really does fly when you’re having fun!
Thank you to all our families who took the time to attend student-led conferences in the first week of term. In total, there were 473 conferences which took place- this represents 80% of our students being represented at a conference- a pleasing, but not a perfect return. Please remember a number of things about conferences – if you were unable to attend the scheduled days, you ARE encouraged to set another date and time with your child’s classroom teacher – it is our goal to see every parent. A common response from parents is ‘I know my child is doing well, and everything is fine’.
Please remember that the conferences allow your child to shine in front of the 2 most important people in their learning journey; their teacher and parents. Give them a chance to articulate their learning and show how proud they are of their progress – go ahead, and make a time for a conference if you missed the original dates!
Ian Dickinson
Ian Dickinson

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