Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Ian Dickinson
Ian DickinsonPrincipal
Johnathan Daniels
Johnathan DanielsDeputy Principal
Linda Lowden
Linda LowdenAssociate Principal

Puriri Teaching Team

Alicia Doughty
Alicia DoughtyTeam Leader and Room 1 Teacher (Year 1)
Laura Setefano
Laura SetefanoRoom 2 Teacher (Year 2)
Madison Lusby
Madison LusbyRoom 3 Teacher (Year 3)

Manuka Teaching Team

Caitlin Myers
Caitlin MyersRoom 6 Teacher (Year 2)
Sage Horgan
Sage HorganRoom 4 Teacher (NE)
Anna Ryou
Anna RyouRoom 5 Teacher (Year 3)

Pohutukawa Teaching Team

Sara Tsang
Sara Tsang Team Leader and Room 12 Teacher (Year 2)
Annamarie Webber
Annamarie WebberRoom 10 Teacher (Year 3)
Layne Tupou
Layne TupouRoom 11 Teacher (Year 1)

Kauri Teaching Team

Dylan Marshall
Dylan MarshallTeam Leader and Room 15 Teacher (Year 6)
Bonnie Pyper
Bonnie PyperRoom 13 Teacher (Year 5)
Balvinder Kaur
Balvinder KaurRoom 16 Teacher (Year 4)
Brittany Morron
Brittany MorronRoom 14 Teacher (Year 4)

Kahikatea Teaching Team

Maria Olsen
Maria OlsenTeam Leader and Room 24 Teacher (Year 5)
Danie Jacobs
Danie JacobsRoom 23 Teacher (Year 6)
Esther Kim
Esther KimRoom 20 Class Teacher (Year 4)
Lisa Kulatunga
Lisa KulatungaRoom 21 Teacher (Year 4)
Alex DonaldsonRoom 25 Teacher (Year 5)

Titoki Teaching Team

Sarah Tallack
Sarah TallackTeam Leader and Room 16 Class teacher (Year 4)
Kevin Wroth
Kevin WrothRoom 19 Teacher (Year 6)
Alice Kemp
Alice KempRoom 18 Teacher (Year 6)
Sandra Patterson
Sandra PattersonRoom 17 Teacher (Year 5)

Teaching Support Team

Lisa Cox
Lisa CoxELLS Teacher
Bev Dowden
Bev DowdenMusic Specialist
Rebecca Trotter
Rebecca TrotterSport's Specialist

Support Team

Nadine Stalker
Nadine StalkerExecutive Officer
Wendy Hosking
Wendy HoskingAdministration Officer
Tina Brown
Tina BrownSchool Librarian
Janelle Sloane
Janelle SloaneTeacher Aide
Tracey Eades
Tracey EadesTeacher Aide
Charmaine Xu
Charmaine XuTeacher Aide
Liliana Castro
Liliana CastroTeacher Aide
Marie Brooke
Marie BrookeTeacher Aide
Bruce Murray
Bruce Murray Caretaker and Choir Leader