Lunch Orders – Canteen Menu 2018

Combos include the following:

A Drink (milk, juice or bottled water)
A snack item and fruit
Combo NameCombo TypeCombo Price
Combo AHam Sandwich (toasted or plain)$6.50
Combo BAmerican Hotdog (frankfurter in a bun with sauce)$6.50
Combo CPizza (Hawaiian or Meatlover)$6.50

The items below are available each day

Hot FoodPrice
Toasted Sandwich – Ham and Cheese$3.00
Roti – Chicken or Lamb (Halal)$3.50
Pizza – Hawaiian – Meat Lovers$3.00
Macaroni Cheese$4.00
American Hot dog (Frankfurter in bun with sauce)$3.00
Potato Wedges (Baked) – Small   (Not Friday)$2.00
Noodles – Chicken or Beef$3.00
Chicken Nuggets x 4 and Sauce$3.00
Nacho Meal: Chips, Sauce & Cheese$4.00
Sausage Roll$2.50
Garlic Bread$1.50
Large Sunny Day Pie: Mince, Mince & Cheese$3.00
Small Sunny Day Pie: Mince, Mince & Cheese$2.50
Butter Chicken Wrap$4.20
Cheesy BBQ Chicken Wrap – Large$4.20
Butter Chicken Pie  Small$3.00
Butter Chicken Pie  Large$4.50
BBQ Pork Steamed Bun$3.00
BBQ Chicken Steamed Bun$3.00
Cold FoodPrice
Sandwiches – Ham | Cheese | Egg | Tomato – 1 filling$2.50
Sandwiches – Ham | Cheese | Egg | Tomato – 2 fillings$3.00
Sandwiches – Ham | Cheese | Egg | Tomato – 3 fillings$3.50
Snacks (also available in Combos)Price
Popcorn – Large$1.50
Vege Chips (Sour Cream) – Small$0.60
Vege Chips   (not combo)$2.00
Fruit Hitz (Grape, Summerberry or Tropical)$1.50
Small Brownie              (not combo)$1.50
Muffins – Choc chip       (not combo)$1.00
Small Cookies – Choc chip    $1.00
Mineral Water – 350ml$2.00
Calci-Yum Milk – Assorted$2.50
100% Fruit Juice – Assorted$2.50
Twist Drink – 125ml$1.50
Charlie’s Pouch Fruit Drink – Assorted$1.50
Juicies – Small Assorted Flavours$1.20
Moosies (milk freeze) Chocolate or Strawberry$2.00
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