Vision, Motto, Values and Strategic Goals

Our Vision 

Living and Learning with Purpose and Passion.

Our Motto / Whakatauki

Education with a heart

Matauranga o te ngakau

Our Learning Principles

We believe that learning is most effective when it is:

Built around meaningful experiences and big ideas.

Co-operative and collaborative.

In partnership with our community.

Actively engaging.

Connected to our world.

Personalised and adjusted to each learner’s needs.

Our Values 


Treat others how you want to be treated


Make good choices and do the right thing


Being MY best, not THE best


Bounce back when things get tough

Our Key Competencies

Managing Self

Have control over my actions, thoughts and words

Managing Self

Have control over my actions, thoughts and words

Relating to others

Get along with different people in different situations


Understand, use and create new knowledge

Our Strategic Goals

Student Progress and Achievement

Because we know so much about our students, we personalise/individualise every child’s learning journey through the school.

Curriculum and Pedagogy

Children’s learning experiences at PMPS are modern and consistent across school, and mapped in a curriculum plan.

Partnership and Communication

Student learning is made stronger because we work well with our community and board.

Performance Management

Our teachers are learners who improve because of good training.