BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

BYOD is optional for students in Year 3-6  Pigeon Mountain Primary. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop, Chromebook or iPad. Students who do not have access to their own device are able to use the school’s devices while on site.

The purpose of BYOD at Pigeon Mountain Primary is to: 

∙ Promote access to digital learning for all students. 

Engage students in 21st century skills. 

Allows students to learn, create, share, and collaborate anywhere, at any time. 

Develop confidence in the use of technology as part of their learning toolkit.

Our preferred device for Years 3-6 is the Chromebook. Chromebooks  work seamlessly in the Google Environment and storage is in the Google cloud.

Recommendations for devices

Your child’s device should have the following features: 

Access to the Internet 

Wi-Fi capability (NO 3G/4G) 

Minimum of 6-hour battery life 

Minimum of 16GB storage 

Minimum screen size of 7.9 inches 

Be able to capture photos and videos 

Voice record

BYOD Use Agreement
BYOD Guidelines
PB Tech BYOD Portal