PB4L Programme- Positive Behaviour for Learning

Our school PB4L Values are;

Respect – Whakaute   Resilience – Manawaroa   Responsibility – Takohanga   Excellence – Kairangatira  

The purpose of PB4L–SW in Pigeon Mountain Primary School is:

Through modelling, teaching and rewarding positive behaviours we provide a quality environment; where the school community is focused on developing education with a heart.

Our PB4L values are the principles and fundamental convictions which act as general guidelines to behaviour. They are the standards by which particular actions are judged as good or desirable. Our PB4L values are encouraged, lived and regularly reviewed by everyone in the school.

Values include teacher role modelling, using the ‘teachable moment’ and the explicit teaching of values. Developing a common understanding of values between the teacher and students can be further enhanced by group discussion e.g. circle time, repetition, storytelling and positive reinforcement.  

Each Monday morning, we have a PB4L Values Assembly under the canopy. One class shares their learning around the school Values. Each teacher presents a PB4L Values Certificate. This is awarded to students who have demonstrated 1 or more of the 4 PB4L Values.


Reference: pg. 10 of the NZC ‘Values’; “Integrating values in the New Zealand Curriculum: Caught or taught?”  R. Notman, D. Latham, H. Angus, P. Connor, K McGregor and J. Scott