School Board

The Board meets once a month in the Pigeon Mountain staffroom at 7pm.

This year’s meeting dates  are:

February– Thu 17/2/22

March– Thu 24/3/22

May– Thu 19/5/22

June– Thu 23/6/22

July– No Meeting

August- Thu 18/8/22

September– Thu 22/9/22

October– Thu 20/10/22

November– Thu 17/11/22

December– Thu 8/12/22

School Board Members

Mark Eades
Mark EadesPresiding Member
Drew Palmer
Drew Palmer
Richard Spong
Richard Spong
Gloria Gao
Gloria Gao
Brian Chan
Brian Chan
Iley Joblin
Iley Joblin
Ian Dickinson
Ian DickinsonPrincipal
Alicia Doughty
Alicia DoughtyStaff Rep

School Board Documents

Strategic Plan
Policies and Procedures
ERO Report
Annual Report