Reading in the Junior School

How To Support Your Child At Home With Reading

This little booklet explains the reading levels, assessment and how you can support your child at home when he/she is reading their home reader with you.

Basic Words Reading Folders

These folders contain the words for each colour level of the reading wheel. Basic words are a tool in early reading and act as a scaffold. The words are the common reading words found in the books at each colour level.

Magenta (Levels 1-2)

Red (Levels 3-5)

Yellow (Levels 6-8)

Blue (Levels 9-11)

Green (Levels 12-14)

Orange (levels 15-16)

Words for Games

Below are printable flash cards for each reading level.  These cards can be used to play games such as Snap and Fish.

Emergent Words

Red Words

Yellow Words

Blue Words

Green Words

Orange Words