House Groups

We have four house groups at Pigeon Mountain Primary School.

The houses are  named after New Zealand native birds. Each house group has a colour. The new sports T shirts match the house colours.

Houses and colours are:

  • Kereru – Green
  • Tui – Red
  • Kiwi – Yellow
  • Pukeko – Blue

Students are allocated a house group on enrolment  and keep the same house group throughout their years at Pigeon Mountain Primary. Members of the same family are all allocated the same house group.

Kereru House

The teachers and staff members in Kereru house are:

Mis Esther Kim
Mr Danie Jacobs
Mrs Janelle Sloane
Mrs Wendy Hosking
Miss Sara Tsang
Mrs Maria Olsen
Mrs Rebecca Trotter
Miss Sophie Kirtlan
Mrs Nadine Stalker
Miss Renee Ralphs

Tui House

The teachers and staff members in Tui house are:

Mrs Linda Lowden
Mr Bruce Murray
Mrs Balvinder Kaur
Miss Alice Kemp
Mr Dylan Marshall
Mrs Tina Brown
Mrs Tracey Eades
Mrs Lisa Cox
Mrs Bev Dowden
Miss Anna Ryou
Mrs Sabina Gounden
Mrs Angelique O’Brien

Kiwi House

The teachers and staff members in Kiwi house are:

Mrs Sandra Patterson
Miss Alicia Doughty
Mr Kevin Wroth
Miss Alex Donaldson
Mrs Marie Brooke
Miss Caitlin Myers
Miss Tess Kirkham
Miss Sage Horgan
Miss Layne Tupou
Mrs Lilliana Castro
Miss Brittany Morron

Pukeko House

The teachers and staff members in Pukeko house are:

Mr Johnathan Daniels
Miss Sarah Tallack
Miss Madison Lusby
Mrs Charmaine Xu
Mrs Annamarie Webber
Mrs Lisa Kulatunga
Mrs Trish Morgan
Mrs Laura Setefano
Miss Amanda Lee
Mrs Louise Love