Local Curriculum

Our Journey

 One of our actions in the  2022-2024 Strategic Plan  is “To design a local curriculum that reflects our PMPS community, our unique location, our ākonga.” (SG2.1A) 

With Te Whakhou i The New Zealand  Curriculum,  it is time to redesign our Pigeon Mountain Local Curriculum aligned to the National Curriculum.

In 2022 we started our journey by creating a site for the current curriculum and supporting documents. This has made our current curriculum more accessible.   Another site was created for the review of the curriculum to record our journey and outcomes in creating our new Local Curriculum

To motivate and engage our staff and to launch the process of creating our Local Curriculum, we walked to our local maunga, Pigeon Mountain. We invited Marin Burgess, a local historian to talk to us about Pigeon Mountain and its history. We plan to visit other local areas of interest as our local area is rich in history.

We plan to create a curriculum that is responsive to the needs, identities, languages, cultures, interests, strengths, issues, and aspirations of our akonga and their families in consultation with our akonga and their families.

Our Local Curriculum will integrate competencies/capabilities so that students achieve success in their learning and are engaged and motivated in local contexts that interest them.

Our local curriculum will honour and demonstrate an active living commitment to Te Tiriti. We need to consult with local hapu and iwi so they can support us in this process. 

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