We would like to thank the respondents who participated in the fourth Principal’s Email Group of 2019. There were a series of questions based on whether children attend Bible in Schools classes or not;

ALL respondents were asked for their opinion/ experiences about how the Bible in Schools Programme was explained at enrolment.

  • I don’t recall really having any explanation of it. 
  • I am happy enough with it being taught, whilst not religious ourselves there are lots of positive messages around religion and the morals etc it teaches.
  • On the question below I would have ticked “Don’t know” if that was there as an option. 
  • It wasn’t explained to me.
  • Can be improved
  • It wasn’t
  • Was not explained to me at either of my 2 kids’ enrolment. I think there was a form at some point that i signed
  • Good
  • We didn’t really get an explanation of what this was, just a for to opt out
  • I can’t recall the programme being explained to me at enrolment!
  • Never heard of this programme.
  • Culturally appropriate way with more information, e.g. via Wechat
  • I don’t remember it being explained at all and for a while there (until the kids told me about it) I had one child attending Bible Class and the other didnt.
  • No one explained, and I just followed the enrolment form.
  • It was not explained.
  • I don’t remember being explained to me.
  • I would say there was not enough explanation. I was explained it was a religion leaning, so I thought the students would learn general ideas of different religions. It should have been specifically mentioned that it would be a Catholic preaching.
  • I didn’t know the Bible in Schools Programme

75% of respondents said their children DID attend classes- their questions are below

  • No opinion – don’t know for certain if our daughter is participating?
  • I think they are very good. My son can recount the story and the moral behind it. He is excited about the next week’s lesson.
  • The bible program need to be modernized. The out-of-date style is not the kid’s favor. Party style “Music+dance+singing” is kid’s love. Go to “youtube” and search “equippers kids”, specially the perfect video “This is how we party horizon kids style” to have a taste and see how other church run the kid’s program.
  • The song can be modified to reduce the religion’s color. Combine the performance into our assembly or school big event/party. Our assembly or event will be fantastic.
  • Ok if it is taught in a child friendly way, and not pushy about what is right or wrong, or how the kida need to think. I am not religious but ok for my kids to learn about religious diversity. If it gets too heavy or propaganda-rish, i will pull them out.
  • good
  • I feel it is important that the children should know about different religions however I feel it should be up to the parents to teach their children about their religion, if they have one, or discussion regarding other religions should the matter arise, and therefore the current time spent teaching bible can be utilised in other more productive ways.
  • I have little information about what the programme consists except for the information provided by my children! I was expecting something more multi cultural and multi religious focused, where different cultures and religions could be explained and approached in a simple way. I soon realised it wasn’t even close to my expectation!
  • Not enough communications or feedbacks on the sessions from our school. I have limited understanding of how it goes.
  • That is important to have this as an option for those parents who want their children to attend. It is not compulsory so if you dont want your child to go they dont have to. I would hate to see it taken away.
  • Not really know the details, because my child (in year 1) can’t explain well now.
  • Just to clarify: one attends, the other does not. I don’t know much about it, just what the kids tell me. As we are not religious (but respect and try to learn about all beliefs) I would prefer that this time would be used to discuss the different beliefs.
  • I do like the kids learn the bible, for me is important the way the bible impact in kids life to do good things , to act nice, etc. but as a religion I am not sure because NZ has so many multicultural and religions from different countries…

25% of respondents said their children DID NOT attend classes- their questions are below

  • I don’t actually know what provisions are made for them this hasn’t been clearly communicated
  • More info. could be provided to parents about this programme.
  • First of all, I feel having Bible classes at public school lacks of fairness under freedom of religion. Secondly, for those who is not attending Bible lessons loose their precious learning time at school. School can make another type of classes instead. Thirdly, it might make a dividing line between those who are attending and not attending without noticing. That is not something school should accept.
  • I don’t know as I didn’t know about this programme

Our next steps;

  • Review and update the information supplied to parents at enrolment or to parents enquiring about our school in order to improve our communication. This will involve obtaining a summary from the providers of the programme. It will also require Senior Management rewriting procedures for the provision of non-attending students.