Inquiry Learning

We learn best when we learn from our own experiences.

Children need to be active learners, seeking answers to questions that they care about.

Inquiry learning is based on our natural curiosity to understand the world around and beyond us. It is a dynamic approach to learning that involves exploring the world, asking questions, making discoveries, and testing those discoveries in the search for new understanding. The depth of understanding is greater and richer than other teaching approaches. Inquiry learning is complex, multifaceted, and looks different in different classrooms and contexts.

Inquiry learning develops higher-order critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and knowledge and skills for lifelong learning. The knowledge and skills taught are transferable to other learning areas. Students will be able to make connections and use these skills and knowledge in other contexts.

Inquiry learning engages and motivates students in real life situations that are meaningful and relevant to them. These

  • go beyond regurgitating knowledge.
  • involve problem solving.
  • involve applying what is learned.
  • result in social action.

In 2018 the school worked with Andrea Muller to create a Concept Inquiry Programme.  A three-year cyclical programme was created for Years 1-3 and Years 4-6 with three phases over 3 years.