Auckland Kids’ Marathon

Our first marathon runners in 2017.

7th June Update
We are planning to enter this event for the 4th year, and will be starting our weekly training in coming weeks for the children entered in the race. Visit the event website to enter your child in the race which takes place on Sunday 1st November- the price increases closer to the event, but is currently around $22.
Please add your child to the Pigeon Mountain Primary School Runners team, and use the password pmps to join. School will be notified when new members join the team.

Please be aware;

-Our weekly runs are ONLY for children who are confirmed entrants in the Kids Marathon.

-The weekly runs will be up to 4km in distance- please do not enter your child if they are not able to run several kilometres without stopping. These runs frequently leave the school site and travel on footpaths in the local area.

-Children need to complete 40km in the weekly runs before the final 2.2km on Sunday 1st November 2020.

-Parents must attend the final event in Auckland city on Sunday 1st November with their child.

-Further details will be sent to the children of those with confirmed entries.

-More details about the event are available on the event website.