We would like to thank the respondents who participated in the first Principal’s Email Group of 2019. There were 3 questions, and a number of trends arising from the responses;

Which of our school facilities do you and your child value the most? (Why did you choose this one?)

Covered tiger turf because it provides protection from all weather and provides an all weather playing surface
Hall/Gym, field and outdoor areas (courts/playground).
Shade Sails on the playground.
Classrooms, because is where children spend more time.
The library. This is an interesting and inspiring space.
The children’s learning area.
Fields. Children love sports.

Which of our school facilities do you think need to be changed, removed or modernised? (Why did you choose this one?)

Heating and cooling in the classrooms; provide an ideal working temperature for both staff and students.
Hall / Gym.
School Hall. A proper stage and well equipped hall for events and ceremonies.
Hall could be upgraded/modernised. A better more usable stage would be good. The stage on the field could be fixed so it is usable.
Main hall, I think could be bigger and with more space for parents at events.
School hall could do with a makeover- A more modern, larger and lighter space. I find it dark and cramped. It also has an unpleasant permeating smell.
School hall- Renovate it and make it more suitable for performance, also a better sound system is needed. Add decorations around the school to make the campus more attractive. Also, the two school name signs (one in front of well road entrance, the other is at Loloma drive) can be modernized. Buy some good looking grass, fern or plants to cover the areas around building’s corners. Add another new cover (similar to the one in front of reception) to basketball court between room 23 and 24 and main building. The office area can be upgraded to a TWO level building for more space.
Toilets. Some don’t work that well.
The school hall was a common area which people highlighted for redevelopment. This is something the board has identified as a strategic need, given that it is used so frequently, especially with guests and visitors to school. Whilst this is not in the 2019 financial budget, it is likely that 2020 will see the hall earmarked for some long-needed renovation. The addition of the covered space at the front of school means that the hall’s main purpose can be adjusted to a performance, rather than sports space.

What facility do you think is lacking from Pigeon Mountain School? (Why did you choose this one?)

Swimming pool because we live close to beaches and water safety should be a priority for all ages.
Indoor sports gym.
Greenhouse for children to learn, to enjoy, to develop and to work together.
I don’t really feel there’s any great lack, but we are still getting to know the school.
I think room 23 is very far from kids toilet. Very small room as well.
I would love to see more focus on the natural world. The gardens appear tired. A community fruit and vegetable garden would be amazing where the children could learn how to grow and harvest. This would teach many lessons including patience and commitment.
Gardens for environmental education- a green house could be developed to plant vegetables etc.
Boys changing room.
The nature areas at school are certainly in need of some attention. It is our intention to commence student groups to beautify some of the flower beds this year, and initiate more use of the orchard which runs along the rear of school in order to make the best of the produce growing on the trees for the benefit of our learners and community.