We are now less than 2 weeks from the start of the new academic year, and preparations are underway in school for the arrival of the students on 3rd February. The school website is a wonderful place to start if you need arrangements, details or information about getting the new year off to a successful start!

Early Term 1 Events
Office Opens; Tuesday 28th January
School Opens; Monday 3rd February
Meet the Teacher Evening; Wednesday 5th February from 7pm in school hall
Family Picnic; Tuesday 11th February from 5.30pm on school field

Coronavirus- Ongoing situation
We are monitoring the situation in China closely with regards to the concerns around a potentially pandemic virus. We are aware that we have a number of students and families returning from overseas, and specifically from the central area of China and the city of Wuhan. We have detailed procedures in place for the incidence of infectious diseases, and we will be revisiting them with our staff on their return to school next Tuesday. We are also monitoring Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, and Safe Travel NZ sites to ensure we have access to the most up-to-date information and advisories. During the 2019 measles outbreak, schools received regular updates from these organisations.

As with all infectious diseases, and in line with our existing procedures, we have the following steps in place;
-Strong hygiene and cleaning practices in place during school time and by school cleaners
-Reminders for students and staff about good personal hygiene practice
-Monitoring students for symptoms of fever, runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, faint, muscle ache, other general unwell feeling and contacting parents if these are present
-Reminding children about not sharing food

As will all illness in a school/community setting, children and adults are advised not to come to school if they are unwell.

We know that some local organisations have advised their employees to remain at home for one week if returning to NZ from central China and locations close to the city of Wuhan. Whilst we are not recommending this at the current time, we may consider this as an option if advised to do so by DHB or government organisations.

All our policies and procedures are available to the school community at all times through the SchoolDocs site. The link to this site is here. The username for this site is pigeon-mountain and the password is pmps1439

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