Level 2- School Reopening

全国二级预警 – 学校重新开放

Dear Community

We were excited to learn this afternoon that New Zealand will be shifting from Alert Level 3 to Level 2 from Thursday. The Prime Minister has announced that schools are safe environments for young people and staff and that additional public health control measures are in place to prevent the spread of disease and to support contact tracing.

We are finalising our procedures in preparation for the return of students next Monday, and would like to share some of the important principles for how we will be operating in L2.

-All students are expected to attend school from Monday 18th May unless they are unwell. It is important that students who are unwell in any way do NOT attend school. Students who are unwell at school will be sent home.
– 下周一5月18日我们期待所有身体健康的学员全部返校复课。很重要的是,如果学员有任何身体不适,请切勿返校。身体不适的学员来到学校后,我们也会要求学员回家休养。

-For the wellbeing of our students and staff, we are attempting to restrict the number of people coming onto school grounds. We request that parents spend as little time as possible within the school gates. We would prefer children to be dropped at, and collected from the school gate. Parents taking children to the classroom should drop their child, and leave as quickly as possible.
– 为确保学员和教职员工的福祉,我们正在尝试限制进入学校场地的人数。我们要求家长在学校大门内尽量减少停留。我们更希望您在有工作人员监管的校门处接送学员。如果家长需要将学员送至教室,我们请您尽快离开。

-Please utilise electronic methods to communicate with your child’s teacher, team or school office. Lunches can be booked online, and uniform orders will be processed through email. The office will remain locked during Level 2. In an emergency, please ring the office if you need to visit school.
– 请使用电子通讯方式与您孩子的班主任,学校教师团队或办公室交流。学校午餐仅限网上预定,校服预定将会通过电子邮件的方式安排。学校办公室在全国二级预警情况下仍然关闭。紧急情况下,如果您必须来学校,请提前给办公室打电话。

-Access to our site will be restricted and locked during the school day for the wellbeing of our students and staff. Access will be provided for morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups.
– 为确保学员和教职员工的福祉,学校的进入将会严格管控,并在上课期间对外关闭。校区仅允许早上和下午为接送进入。

-As previously, our school cleaning practices as strong, we continue to educate students about good personal hygiene, and our buildings are very well stocked with soap and sanitiser.
– 与之前的卫生管理政策保持一致,我们学校的清洁方面继续加强,我们将持续教育学员养成良好的个人卫生习惯,我们的教学楼也提供洗手液和消毒液。

-Please note, only students who attended school during Level 3 will be able to attend school this week. No new enrolments are allowed.
– 请注意,本周仅限全国预警三级情况下注册返校的学员。不允许其他学员申请在本周返校。

These guidelines and procedures will be explained in more detail during this week. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing students once again bringing life and happiness to our school buildings.

Yours sincerely
Ian Dickinson
Pigeon Mountain Primary School

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