From the Principal

Many thanks to those who attended our whānau picnic on the evening of Valentines’ Day! The weather turned on a wonderful show, and the number of people attending was far beyond our expectations- it was great to connect with so many of you, both new and old members of the PMPS community!

By now, all our students have experienced some time in Whare Māhuri (formerly known as Rooms 10, 11 and 12). The Māhuri programme has been developed to provide our students with quality learning opportunities during their teachers’ release time. Since the start of 2024, the Ministry of Education has been providing teachers with additional classroom release to plan, prepare, assess and learn. We have utilised this time to build a holistic programme for students, led by Whaea Jordan Broomfield, in which they will experience artistic, cultural, and physical learning experiences as a complete team. At the same time, their teachers are engaged in their professional release time. Children attend Māhuri for a full day every 3 weeks. From the start of Term 3, in line with a further increase in teacher release time, teams will attend a day in Whare  Māhuri every 2 weeks.

Exploring Identity and Belonging in Kauri Team (Mental Health Education)

In Room 15 of the Kauri Team, we’ve been exploring what makes each of us unique and special. Our recent lesson, centered around the MITEY Level 2 Learning Outcome: identify important things that make me ‘me’.

Our students had the pleasure of listening to the delightful reading of ‘I Like Myself’, a book that celebrates self-love and acceptance. This story served as a beautiful starting point for our discussion on what we like about ourselves.

Exploring Our Unique Qualities:

Room 15 expanded their thinking about what makes them unique. They answered thought-provoking questions such as ‘what are some games you enjoy?’, ‘who are the people that are special to you?’, and ‘what special events do your family celebrate?’. These questions encouraged them to reflect on their interests, relationships, and cultural background, fostering a deeper understanding of their own identity.

This lesson seamlessly integrates with our current unit of inquiry, ‘Identity is influenced by culture, experiences, and a desire to belong’. 

Learning with Whānau – Celebrating Identity at Home:

We encourage parents and caregivers to continue the conversation about identity and belonging at home. Ask your child about their kete and the items they chose to include. Share stories about your own cultural background and experiences. This simple activity fosters meaningful conversations and strengthens the bond between home and school.

Dates for your Diary

Thursday 29 February – School Board Meeting 7pm

Tuesday 12 March – Friday 15 March – Year 6 Camp Lakewood Lodge

Absences from school

All absences from school for any reason must be reported via School website or @school app.

Collecting Students during the school day

Please contact the office by phone or email to arrange to collect your child from school.  All children must be signed out of the office.

Avoid collecting your child during morning tea and the lunch break if possible. Morning tea is 10:50 am – 11:15 am and lunch is 12:45 pm  to 1:45 pm.

Visiting School Site

All parents who visit the school site during the school day for whatever reason must report to the school office. No parents are allowed on site during the school day.

Community Notices

After School Art Classes with Janet

Drawing, Oil pastel, sketching, poster painting

Wednesday 3.15 -4.15pm

Contact Janet 027 655 5574 or email

Piano Lessons

Fun piano lessons by qualified and registered teacher in Bucklands Beach. Phone Joy 021 162 7922





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