Kahikatea Term 1 Newsletter

TEAM KAHIKATEA NEWSLETTER Team Kahikatea - “Learning together we grow better”   From the Team Leader  Welcome to team Kahikatea 2020.  As usual it is great to see so many familiar, smiley faces, as well [...]

By |10th February 2020|Kahikatea Team Newsletters, Team Newsletters|

Kahikatea Newsletter Terms 3 & 4

From the Team Leader  It is hard to believe that we are heading into term 4 already!  Soon we will be getting ready for the end of year celebrations and saying goodbye to all  the [...]

By |14th October 2019|Kahikatea Team Newsletters|

Kahikatea Newsletter Term 2

From the Team Leader  Wow! I can’t believe that we are already halfway through term 2.  This year has been going very fast and there has been many different activities available for our Year 4, [...]

By |12th June 2019|Kahikatea Team Newsletters|
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