Monday 13th April


Dear Community


Many thanks for your ongoing and support during the initial 2 weeks of lockdown. It has been exciting to hear so many positive stories, from students, parents and teachers during the past 2-3 weeks. We are very proud to see that our school values of Responsibility, Resilience, Respect and Excellence are strong and they are being lived by both adults and children alike in these interesting times!


We return to school on Wednesday 15th April for the start of Term 2. At the moment, there is no factual or specific information about a possible re-opening of school. Whilst the Ministry of Education are working hard to share information to Principals and Boards on how to maintain learning for all students, including distributing learning packs, devices, establishing TV channels etc, we are not being given any clear details about next steps, partial reopening, or full returns to school. However, we will continue to keep everyone informed through our website and social media channels.


We have published a guide to ‘Lockdown Learning’ and this has been uploaded to our website to give you a clearer picture of our intentions and your role during our switch to online learning. Please continue to be in regular contact with your child’s classroom teacher, and we are always available to help and support if you have any questions or issues with these new approaches.

我们已经发布了关于全国四级预警期间的指南,具体信息已经上传到我们网站‘Lockdown Learning’。这里具体说明了我们的计划已经在切换至网上教学期间您的角色和所需的协助。请大家继续保持和您孩子的班主任的定期沟通。关于新的授课方式,如果您有任何问题或需要任何支持,我们随时在这里给您提供帮助。

We will continue to share ‘Daily Messages’ on our website. These are short video clips with any news or information, and an ongoing story, read by myself for anyone who wishes to listen! If you have any news, information, celebrations or thoughts to share which could be passed out through these mini-broadcasts, please feel free to send an email to with details.

我们将继续在学校网站上分享每日信息‘Daily Messages’。这些短视频包含新闻和信息更新,还有我每天给想要听故事的大家分享的小故事。如果您有任何新闻,信息,庆祝,想法希望通过这档每日信息提供给大家,请给我发邮件

Finally, we thank our community for obeying the ‘School and Grounds Closed’ signs which have been put up around the site. The Ministry of Education has ordered that there is NO use of the facilities whatsoever in order to maintain public health and safety, and to assist with preparations for a return to school when the date is set- hopefully in the not-too-distant future.


I am extremely proud to be a part of our amazing country’s efforts to work together to proactively stop the spread of COVID-19, and hope you share the same sense of togetherness which has grown despite our enforced separation.


Kia kaha (Stand strong, keep going!) 始终坚强!

He waka eke noa! (We’re all on this together!) 团结一心,共同抗疫!


Ian Dickinson



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