From the Principal

 It is likely that we will be returning to Alert Level 1 at some point in the coming few weeks. This is down to the hard work of amazing Kiwis.

What are the implications for school?

We look forward to the relaxation of the restrictions BUT we will miss the morning drop-off and afternoon times, greeting our community and seeing the children showing amazing resilience and responsibility by bringing themselves into and out of school. We hope this has given you an insight into how independent your child is- please feel free to continue to drop them at the gate- think about your time-savings, and the additional skills and qualities your child has acquired! 

We will no longer be contact tracing parents who come onto the school site in the morning and afternoon, but we will continue to record visitors at the office. Visitors are all people who visit our school site outside of the normal drop-off and pick up times. Please continue to contact or drop in first at the office directly if you need to visit school- do not go directly to the classroom. We will be continuing to lock our gates at Loloma and at the Marina pathway between 9am and 2.45pm  to help us control the movement of people onto and off the site, and to enable us to monitor the people who are visiting. This does not relate to COVID-19, but is a way we are continuing to keep the students and staff of Pigeon Mountain safe.

During the school day, little will change. We will slowly introduce more collective events like assemblies- on a team basis first, then outdoors as a whole school. We may hold our first indoor, whole school assembly since March, at the end of the term if Alert Level 1 proceeds well. After school activities and clubs are also likely to recommence in Term 3, if we remain at Level 1. We will monitor the situation closely.

Once again, our students’ attendance at school has exceeded our expectations! During the past 2 weeks, we have averaged 94% of our students being in school each day. By comparison, the average attendance for the same period in 2019 was 84%! Well done to the PMPS community!

Reporting Learning and Achievement

We have finalised our reporting framework for coming terms. Our normal assessment and reporting practices have been severely impacted by the lockdown period, and we have reset our schedules after an initial ‘settling in’ period back at school in the past 3 weeks. 

You should now expect an interim written report in Week 12 of this term. This will be followed by 3-way conferences in Week 2 of term 3. Details of dates, times and bookings will be distributed in coming weeks. 

Digital Devices

We have noticed that a number of our students are wearing smartwatches to school which have the capability to send messages to other devices. It is important that our students develop responsibility in the use of all technology and digital devices whilst they are in school, and the use of these devices to send a receive messages during school hours is not allowed. Like any misuse of technology at Pigeon Mountain School, students using smartwatches to send and receive messages during school hours will be restricted from using them for a period of time, and watches will need to be kept at home. It is also worth reminding parents that school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to expensive items like smartwatches.

Safety at the Gate

Our crossing patrollers have noticed a worrying trend in ‘3-point Turns’ close to the Loloma Crossing. These maneuvers are very dangerous so close to a controlled crossing because they cause traffic to queue over the crossing space, as well as impacting on the pedestrians walking along the footpath who are forced to stop for cars in their path. Please avoid doing 3-point turns close to the crossing by using Cornelian Crescent or Sunderlands Road as a method for changing direction.

Dates for your Diary

12 June- Photolife class and sibling photos

19 June – School Cross Country

19 June – PTA House Colour Mufti 

22 June – Saving Day for School Cross Country

2 July – End of Term two for students

3  July – Teacher only day

20 July – Term Three commences

Welcome to

Vivian Guo, Suho Park, Zoe Qi, Ian Chan

School lunches

Due to the significant financial impact suffered during lockdown the business who provides school lunches is being restructured.  As a result school lunches at PMPS will not commence until Term 3, (20 July). Please ensure your child/ren bring enough food to school each day for morning tea and lunch, plus a drink bottle of water.  Delivering food to students during the day is not allowed.


During terms 2 and 3 long trousers and long sleeved polo shirts can be worn by students.  The full range of uniform is available to purchase from John Russell Schoolwear at 9 Moore Street, Howick. 

Please ensure your child also has the correct school footwear, plain flat black school shoes or sandals.  Sport shoes, boots or branded footwear are not to be worn to school.

BOT News

Next Meeting  Thursday 18 June 7 pm

PTA News

Please wear your house colours for mufti day on 19th June. Donate a can or non perishable food item with a valid best before date. 

Auckland Kids’ Marathon

We are planning to enter this event for the 4th year, and will be starting our weekly training in coming weeks for the children entered in the race. Visit the event website to enter your child in the race which takes place on Sunday 1st November– the price increases closer to the event, but is currently around $22.

Please add your child to the Pigeon Mountain Primary School Runners team, and use the password pmps to join.

Please be aware- our weekly runs are ONLY for children who are confirmed entrants in the Kids Marathon. They will be up to 4km in distance- please do not enter your child if they are not able to run several kilometres without stopping.

Further details will be sent to the children of those with confirmed entries.

More information can be found on our school website at

Community Notices


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